ReCore’s heroine Joule is battling robots and traversing the ruined world of Far Eden in the game’s latest gamepaly trailer, hot out of Gamescom 2016.

By her side we see Mack, Seth and Duncan her trusty Corebot companions, as well as two unnamed robots that share the same color. One seems to be able to fly and maybe grab things, while the other is clearly build to move around the rocks and sand that make up most of Far Eden’s landscape.

There are other, much less friendly robots inhabiting this desolate world, but Joule is more than capable of taking them down thanks to a mix of shooting, jumping, pulling and a little help from her companions.

As many people have said before me, ReCore does indeed look like a hybrid between Metroid Prime and Mega Man. It makes sense since the people who are developing it are also responsible for both franchises. Fans of old school action platformers sure have something to look forward to.

ReCore will hit North America on September 13, and Europe on September 16.

ReCore Gamescom 2016 ReCore Gamescom 2016 ReCore Gamescom 2016 ReCore Gamescom 2016 ReCore Gamescom 2016

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