Delivering an extensive look at the universe of Final Fantasy XV to Gamescom 2016, Square Enix has debuted almost an hour of final gameplay, a new teaser for their anime series and the first 12 minutes of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix and Game Director Hajime Tabata have made good on a promise delivered during the announcment for the official delay and brought the Universe of Final Fantasy XV to Gamescom 2016. Offering the biggest look at the game since the Uncovered event, the new footage and trailer mark the beginning of the end of a decade of anticipation.

Brotherhood, the animated story of how the 4 heroes of this world formed the true bonds of friendship, received a teaser trailer for the fourth episode of the series. Focusing mostly on the intense training between Noctis and Gladiolus, the new episode will show Noct’s struggle to succeed his father as King of Lucis.

Kingsglaive on the other hand, had it’s opening footage shown as a teaser to the epic adventure awaiting Nyx and his fellow Kingsglaive guardians. The film’s prologue is narrated by the character Luna Frey (voiced by Lena Headey) as she introduces the current state of the Kingdom before the Kingsglaive are formally introduced to the story through a battle just outside of the the city walls.

Kingsglaive will be available digitally on August 30, with a limited theatrical premiere on August 19. An official Blu-Ray copy of the film will release alongside the collector’s edition of the official game on November 29.

Last, but most certainly not least, is the 53 minute look at the “Master Gameplay” for Final Fantasy XV (above). The finalized gameplay takes place exactly where the final game will begin. Starting with the subtle visual metaphor of the heroes pushing the broken down regalia to Cindy’s auto body shop, the characters complain about how long it is taking to get there, and how long they still have left to go.

The walkthrough then transitions into a beautifully rendered final version of a dry desert mixed with the Duscaen landscape that fans got to experience in the initial demo. Although still delivering the same basic story, the master gameplay differs by showing a more expansive map, higher quality textures and a more fully realized world.

As delightfully helpful as Cindy is during the repair, the video shows that not everyone is as excited to be in the presence of Prince Noctis, especially as a full scale war is beginning to erupt. While most NPCs simply appear astonished to see the prince in the countryside, Cindy’s “Paw-Paw” goes so far as to doubt Noct’s ability to rule a kingdom half as well as his father did.

The more detailed experience shown in the video features the full extent of side quests, mini-games and other mechanics. Shopkeepers in the final game offer more than just food as they’ll be able too show you various camp grounds around the local area as well as edging players in the direction they need to go.

The mastered gameplay that was on display at Gamescom 2016 showcases the hard work that was put into the title over the past decade. While the game still has some minor work to undergo before the official release, the game in it’s current state appears to be everything a fan could want.

Gamers will be able to check out Final Fantasy XV in it’s entirety when the game is released on November 30, on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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