Final Fantasy 15, the long awaited RPG by Square Enix, has been delayed to November 29, according to multiple sources.

One of these sources within GameStop, who informed Gamnesia that the company has received new promotional material for the game, bearing a release date of November 29. “Promotional materials with the new date have arrived at some GameStop stores with instructions that they are not to be put up until after Sunday, August 14th,” reads the report.

Gematsu, which first revealed the game’s release date of September 30, received word from a second source who claims Gamnesia’s report is accurate.

It seems like Final Fantasy won’t arrive next month after all. However, since there’s no official word from Square Enix, it might all be just a miss understanding. Let’s wait for Sunday, August 14, and see what the publisher has to say. In the meanwhile, enjoy another glimpse into the world of Final Fantasy XV in the trailer above.

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