The Pokemon Company has released a brand new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon that details three new Pokemon, new Alola forms and the new villain hierarchy – Team Skull.

Beginning with the new Pokemon of Alola, the main focus is the water type Wishiwashi. Wishiwashi is heavily compared to Gyarados in the trailer, as the small fish Pokemon starts out weak in its solo form, but evolves into its school form which combines the strength of several Wishiwashi to make it a formidable opponent.

Following the the theme of island reef type Pokemon, the next addition, Pyukumuku, is a sea urchin that can secret its intestines outward, damaging the opponent with every touch. Lastly, Morelull is a grass and fairy type mushroom whose attacks center around spores that can stun opponents or cause them to sleep.

The new villainous organization troubling the humans of Alola are called Team Skull. Following a family motif, the army of grunts are lead by the Big Sister Plumeria, and Big Boss Guzma. While the grunts follow the traditional style of Zubat and other weak Pokemon, Guzma and Plumeria have big ambitions for their presence in the Alola Region.

The last announcement to be made was the addition of even more Alola forms of veteran Pokemon. Meowth, from the original Red and Blue, takes on a grey tone and slender design, and learns new Dark type moves. Marowak also adopts a dark color scheme to match its new Fire and Ghost moves, but also wields a larger bone that has been lit on fire which the Pokemon twirls around in battle. Raichu is the most festive of the bunch, as it adopts fairy move types, a bright color scheme to match and now enjoys the island surfing culture as it rides the waves using its tail.

The trailer leaves a fair amount of mystery to the various Pokemon and troubles that players will encounter in the Alola region. Nintendo is still gearing up for the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon  Moon on November 18 for the 3DS and 2DS consoles.

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