Bandai Namco and Tarsier Studios have revealed Little Nightmares, a dark and whimsical horror title about childhood fears, yellow raincoats and corrupted souls.

In the game, players are in charge of help a young girl escape a mysterious underwater vessel called The Maw. As seen in the teaser trailer above, The Maw is filled with disturbing visuals, inhabited by creepy creatures and sports an overall gloomy atmosphere. It isn’t a place for young girls in yellow raincoats, that’s for sure, nor for anyone else for that matter.

Fans of the bizarre might find Little Nightmares somewhat familiar, and that’s because we actually have. Tarsier Studios has first announced the new IP as Hunger back in 2015, and it doesn’t seem like a lot has changed since then.

We’ll get more information about Little Nightmares fairly soon, during Gamescom in Germany next week.

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