Mafia 3 will see the return of  Vito Scaletta, a Made Man and the protagonist of Mafia 2. After being exiled to New Bordeaux, Vito becomes the third lieutenant of Lincoln Clay, alongside Cassandra and Burke.

In video above, the fourth one out of a total of six, we are re-introduced to Vito, now on a quest for revenge against the people he once called family. If you played Mafia 2 and remember the ending, you can probably figure out yourself what made Vito leave the Italian mob and join Lincoln and his crew.

Now that we’ve seen the videos about the game’s protagonist and his three lieutenants, I wonder who the final two video will be about. This video series is supposed to highlight key characters in the game, so I guess we are left with the main villain and its sidekick.

Mafia 3 will arrive to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 7.

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