Rime. Remember Rime? It’s that beautiful and surreal puzzle adventure that was announced ages ago, at Gamescom 2013. Here, you can check out its last trailer above, all the way from 2014.

Anyways, the developers at Tequila Works have announced that they have struck a publishing deal with Grey Box and Six Foot to finally bring us the game in 2017. However, it seems more than likely that Rime is not longer the PlayStation 4 exclusive is once was.

At the end of the press release about this recent publishing deal, Tequila Works states it will unveil more information about the game in 2017, including “platform availability details”. This a very particular choice of words, one that I doubt the developer would have used if the game was still being made for just one platform. Could Rime also be coming to the Xbox One and PC as well?

What we do know now is that Rime is a  single-player puzzle adventure about a young boy stranded on a mysterious island. Players will need to unravel the secrets of the island, explore the crumbling ruins of a long-forgotten civilization, and face the wild creatures that live there.

“We’ve always wanted RiME to captivate players’ imaginations, capturing that feeling of being a child and experiencing the wonders of a bedtime story for the first time,” said Raúl Rubio Munárriz, CEO & creative director of Tequila Works. “We’re so excited to find in Grey Box and Six Foot partners just as eager as we are to make that vision for such a personal project a reality.”

Rime is now scheduled for 2017. Hopefully we’ll know more early next year, or even sooner.

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