No Man’s Sky might really be a single-player experience after all, as demonstrated by two Twitch streamers who visited the same planet at the same time, but failed to meet of even see each other.

TheGalacticCactus, a No Man’s Sky gamer and streamer, has stumbled upon a planet discovered by another player and streamer, Psytokat. The two found each other in the real world, and decided to arrange a meeting on the surface of planets surface.

Against all odds, the two actually managed to make it to the exactly same spot at the same time, only to discover they cannot see each other at all. The meeting was streamed live, and if you watch the whole thing, it is obvious the two are walking around the same area, talking with the same people and seeing the same landmarks. Still, they never crossed paths.

It’s also interesting to note that during the stream, one player experienced only daytime, while the second explored the planet at night, so even the planet itself was not the exactly the same for both of them. It could be that the two players were not on the same server, or it could be No Man’s sky doesn’t really support multiplayer. as stated by Hello Games’ lead designer Sean Murray, the chance two players seeing one another in-game is “pretty much zero.”

Since No Man’s Sky doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus subscription, it only makes sense that we’re talking about a completely single-player experience, without traditional multiplayer elements.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PlayStation 4, and will be released on PC on August 12.

Thanks Polygon.

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