Just Cause 3 is getting its third and final DLC in the Air, Land & Sea expansion pass tomorrow, August 11.

The DLC, titled Bavarium Sea Heist, will throw players head first into the the dangerous waters of West Medici where they will need to in infiltrate a mysterious research facility, and find the “rarest and strongest weapon ever created by the Eden Corporation.”

Don’t worry though, as you’re not going in empty-handed – you’ll have the Loochador, a heavily armed rocket boat that comes with multi-lock missile launchers and miniguns, as well as and the devastating Eden Spark lightning gun to help you on your way. You’ll be able to upgrade Eden Spark with mods earned in the Boat Invader challenge mode.

Bavarium Sea Heist is be available to all expansion pass holders from August 11, and will go on sale as a separate add-on for $5.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 from August 18. Here’s a trailer and a few screenshots to show you what’s waiting for you at the coastal waters of Scolio.

Bavarium-Sea-Heist-1 Bavarium-Sea-Heist-2 Bavarium-Sea-Heist-3 Bavarium-Sea-Heist-4 Bavarium-Sea-Heist-5 Bavarium-Sea-Heist-6

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