Quake Champions took center stage during QuakeCon 2016, for obvious reasons. During a special keynote speech, id Software Studio Director Tim Willits reveal the game’s debut gameplay trailer, along with some new information about the gameplay, different champions and the upcoming beta.

The trailer itself is available above, and it shows some very classic Quake gameplay. We have rocket jumps, weapon pick-ups and faster-than-all-hell action. It ought to warm any fan’s heart. We also see a few of the champion’s special abilities in action. I recognized Ranger’s Dire Orb ability and Scalebearer’s Bullrush There’s also something that could be Visor’s Piercing Sight ability, though I’n not sure. Let me know if you see Nyx in action, because I completely missed her.

We also see Anarki, who is a new champion that comes with his own hoverboard. I’m not sure what this hoverboard does, but if I had to guess I’d say it lets Anarki move even faster than the other champions. Speaking of which, Willits teased at least three more of them will be revealed soon.

Quake Champions still doesn’t have a release date, but now we know a closed beta is schedule for 2017. There will be at least a dozen champions to choose from in the beta, and the whole thing will run at 120hz with unlocked framerates.

quake-champions-1 quake-champions-2 quake-champions-3

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