Arkane Studios has release the first gameplay trailer for Prey during QuakeCon 2016, finally giving us a closer look at the alien threat we will face aboard Talos One.

The trailer is rather short, and doesn’t even cross the two-minute mark. However, we can still learn for it a few things about the game. First, Prey has a serious System Shock 2 and Dead Space vibes, as you seem to be alone in a huge space station. Well, not completely alone, which probably makes it worse.

The trailer also shows a few types of enemies and their capabilities, which include shapeshifting and the abilities to generate and conduct¬†electricity. There’s one point where we see an alien appearing out of a microphone, indicating that they can move through electrical wires. The¬†shapeshifting ability is especially terrifying, as it means that every object in a room can suddenly try and kill you.

We know protagonist Morgan Yu will be able to learn the aliens’ abilities, so we might be able to turn into chairs or move between electrical outlets as well. Morgan will be able to upgrade these skills by injecting himself (or herself) with “Neuromods” right through the eye. Great.

Add a crafting system, gadgets and a handful of conventional weapons, and Prey starts to look like a very ambitious and interesting game. We can wait to see more before the game is released in 2017.

prey-1 prey-2 prey-3

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