As part of the official Biohazard Ambassador newsletter, Capcom has revealed a short list of healing items that will be available in their upcoming survival horror game, Resident Evil 7.

As detailed in the image below, RE7 will see the return of healing herbs as well as potions that will be scattered around the creepy environments. However, the most interesting aspect was pointed out by the developers themselves as the picture caption asks, “Oh wait … what’s that coin doing there?”


Forums and comment sections are exploding with fan theories as to how this mysterious coin will be used to heal your main character in the game. As of now the two most popular theories are that the coin could be a restart token that would be used after dying, while the other states that this could simply mean the return of an in-game merchant.

In either case, players will have to remain alert if they want to find out more about Resident Evil VII before it is released on January 24, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Special Thanks: NeoGAF

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