Thomas Burke is the head of the Irish Syndicate, and one of the Lincoln Clay’s 3 lieutenants in Mafia 3.

As we can see in the game’s newest trailer, Burke is not a man you can just push around. After the Italian mafia has invaded his territory and starts taking over his business, he joins with Lincoln to take them down by all means necessary – even if it means burning New Bordeaux to the ground.

It looks like Burke can help Lincoln establish all sorts of rackets around the city, and is mostly motivated by his wounded ego. He should be an interesting, if a little unpredictable element in the game.

Burke’s trailer follows a similar one for Cassandra the Voodoo Queen. We’re still expecting one for the third lieutenant and protagonist of Mafia 2 – Vito Scaletta.

Maifa 3 is out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 7.

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