Arriving just in time for the Olympic games, Blizzard has announced all new Brawls, Skins and more for the first official season of Overwatch – the Summer Games.

The seasonal re-skinning of the game includes a new design to the loot boxes with over 100 different types of seasonal loot such as stickers, voice lines and highlight intros. These items are unable to be purchased individually, however each loot box has been updated to drop at least one of these new items. Each character will obviously be entering the Summer Games with a costume that is closely representative of the uniforms for their respective countries.

The new Brawl debuting this season is called Lucioball. With gameplay not unlike the highly addictive Rocket League, Lucioball pits teams of 3 Lucio characters against each other to try and score as many goals as they can. Players use his sound blasting gun to launch the ball around the arena, while also dodging enemy fire.

Blizzard has also introduced 4 launch pads on the field to increase your character’s jump. Lucio’s ultimate ability will now steal the ball from whomever has it and the walls of the arena can be used to travel quickly around the map. unfortunately , His speed boost will only apply to himself and not members of your team as well.

There isn’t too much time to enjoy these games, as they will end on August 22. Players will want to hurry up and play since the Overwatch Summer Games are live right now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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