There’s no doubting the popularity of Pokemon GO, the newest real-world Pokemon-catching simulation game. However, in the few short weeks it’s been out, there’s been a few complaints from some places and people that would like the game to be changed.

In the real world, players visit PokeStops to stock up on items, and work with their teammates to take on Gyms, all of which are placed at specific real-world locations. This, however, has caused a few problems with places such as the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, which requested that their PokeStop be removed out of respect.

J.C. Smith of the Pokemon Company said that there are planned features to aid the process of removing the PokeStops from places that don’t want them. Currently there’s an option to request removal, but it isn’t an instant solution. The new features will allow certain places to opt out of being Gyms or PokeStops in order to cut down on the traffic in those areas. Some people have even got PokeStops or Gyms right outside their homes and are being bothered at all times of the day with trainers looking to find items and defeat their opponents.

Hopefully, this update will make Pokemon GO more user-friendly and provide a more enjoyable experience to those who don’t play it, as well as those who do.

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