Next year’s most popular cosplay is here, as Epic Games reveals The Fey, the newest character to join the cast of Paragon.

This beautiful fairy is no pushover, as her ability to manipulate nature allows her to unleash powerful attacks and traps throughout the arena. As a support caster, she may not be able to take too much damage, but by staying out of the conflict directly The Fey can stack the odds in her team’s favor thanks to her specialty in crowd control.

The Fey’s strength lies in area-of-effect attacks. Her primary technique, Untamed Growth, sends out an explosive plant that causes damage over time to a specific radius. Similar abilities include plants that can slow enemies down, replenished mana for successful hits and a wild monstrosity that swallows enemies whole.

Paragon fans will be able to devastate their enemies with the power of nature when The Fey is released as part of the August 2 update. An open beta for Paragon is available now on the PC and PlayStation 4.

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