More Nintendo NX rumors are beginning to emerge as excitement builds towards an anticipated reveal for the console later this year.

The highly mysterious new console from Nintendo appears to be nearing the final stages of development, as multiple sources have started detailing the new hardware. The recently teased platform is now said to be a singular mobile gaming tablet that will feature detachable controllers on either side.


Powered by the Nvidia Tegra X1 mobile gaming chips, the NX will be able to offer visuals that outperform the current Wii U and 3DS, but is still less powerful than the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The NX will also come with a docking station that allows the console to be played on a TV as well.

The image is not official, but are rather artists renderings of what the finished mobile console will look like. In addition, Eurogamer also revealed that the console will indeed be marking the return of cartridge based games, with a 32GB internal storage memory.

Although it may seem small in comparison to the demands of other current generation titles, it is rumored to be Nintendo’s official suggestion for the cartridge size. Nintendo has stated many times that they are not chasing graphical parity with other consoles, essentially meaning that NX titles shouldn’t need much more than the space provided.

Previous Wii U titles are also rumored to be making appearances on the new console with several updates, but plans of any form of backward compatibility are being scrapped due to the cartridge media. Still, the NX could still very well feature support for Nintendo’s virtual console and digital downloads.

The same sources that spread these rumors has also suggested that Nintendo is currently gearing up for an official unveiling of the console in September.

As always, the NX console announcements are coming from unnamed sources within the industry and should still be taken with a heavy dose of salt. Even if these rumors are true, however, there is still plenty of time for tweaks to be made to the final product, before it’s official release in 2017.

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