Bethesda has announced Quake Champions more than a month ago, and apart from a short CG trailer we haven’t heard or learned much about it since. Well, today we finally got a new video to show you.

Sadly, this isn’t new gameplay footage, but it is more information regarding the way the game is going to be played. id Software’s Tim Willits steps in front of the camera to talk about Ranger, Nyx, Scalebearer and Visor – the four champions we see the in announcement trailer (below) – and their new special abilities.

Ranger, who is modeled after the hero from the original Quake, has a Dire Orb that can be teleport the player around the map. Visor is another returning character, this time from Quake 3, and he has the Piercing Sight ability, which lets him see enemies through walls

Scalebearer and Nyx are two newcomers to the Quake franchise. Scalebearer can use his Bullrush ability to charge forward and deal a massive amount of damage to anyone stupid enough to stand in his way, while Nyx can phase in and out of existence as she runs in and out of combat.

Quake Champions is a PC exclusive that has yet to receive an official release window.

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