Hideo Kojima has unveiled the official logo movie for his brand new development studio, Kojima Productions.

The cinematic features the mascot Ludens exploring desolate frontiers. Mysteriously transitioning between the deep ocean and deep space, the cinematic is very much in tune with the recent trailer for Death Stranding, the first game that will feature this logo.

Although most likely unrelated to the new title, the logo may hold some metaphorical significance. In recent series of tweets, Kojima has stated that he wants his new titles to deliver new types of gameplay using state of the art technology. The logo movie showcases this desire by featuring Ludens traversing unexplored frontiers and marking the new territory under the banner of Kojima Productions.

The video may act as a teaser for the types of visual experiences players will see from the new studio, but fans will still have to wait for official announcements regarding any future project in order to find out.

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