Necropolis, a third-person roguelike adventure that came out on July 12, has received some criticism since for the daft AI, too many boring sections and easily exploitable fighting mechanics. In a Steam post, developer Harebrained Schemes explained that they were going to start changing and updating the game in order to combat these issues, listing the timeframes that each of the changes would be taking place in.

“As with everything we make, the Harebrained Schemes team has scoured the player responses and critic reviews to begin the process of turning your feedback into an action plan for supporting and improving the game. We deeply appreciate all of the constructive comments we received and the thought that went into them. ” they said.

In the short-term, they plan to fix the enemy spawning system, a few damaging bugs, a few new enemies and some changes to shields, to make them more useful. In the longer term, they will add a new location – the Black Forest, as well as a new playable character named the Brute. They will also be working on the final boss in order to make him more challenging to fight.

It’s nice to see a developer actively working to fix their game based on the feedback they’ve received, and I can only hope that Necropolis moves from strength to strength with each new improvement.

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