Nightdive Studios has announced it will be bringing it version of System Shock to PlayStation 4.

Originally, the game was supposed to come out for PC and Xbox One towards the end of 2017, but due to popular demand, the developers have decided to start working on a PS4 version as well.

Mind you, this isn’t a Kickstarter stretch goal or anything – the PS4 version will happen no matter how much the campaign ends up earning, alongside the PC and Xbox One versions.

Naturally, supporting a third platform is a costly thing, as project director Jason Fader admits in the official announcement. “Supporting more platforms will cost us more time/money since ensuring a game functions smoothly and relatively bug-free is different from platform to platform,” Fader wrote. “The more we’re able to raise, the better the game will be.”

Does this mean the PC and Xbox One version will suffer thanks to this recent move? We sure hope not.

System Shock’s Kickstarter campaign has raised just over $1 million, with a week to go. The next stretch goal, set at $1.1 million, will see the release of Mac and Linux versions, as well as Razer Chroma support.

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