With just over two months left until the release of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix has announced special pre-order bonuses for Gamestop and their official online store.

Players who choose to pre-order the game from the online store are entered into the Carbuncle Surprise giveaway. According to their official announcement video (above), players will be entered into weekly prize giveaways leading up to the game’s actual release.

With a single pre-order of the game, fans will have the chance to win Play Arts figures of the game characters, customized Xbox One consoles or even a working recreation of the Regalia, the in-game car. The Carbuncle Surprise giveaway is set to begin on August 1, with prize winners being announced each Friday.

The Gamestop exclusive pre-order bonus may not be as flashy, but every gamer who pre-orders Final Fantasy XV will be given a free copy of the retro looking title, Final Fantasy XV: A Kings Tale. The trailer (below) showcases a 16-bit looking art-style, similar to the original entries on the NES, except with a very different and extremely fast combat system.

A King’s Tale takes place 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy XV, centering around a very young Noctis who is being told a bedtime story by his king father. Having grown bored with old stories that he has already heard, Noctis asks his father to tell him a new one. The fictional bedtime story then takes place when evil monsters invade the Royal Citadel of Insomnia.

Players will control a more youthful King Regis through each stage of his story in A King’s Tale, with the accompaniment of 3 different companions named Weskam, Cid and Clarus.

The gameplay borrows a lot from the upcoming entry in the Final Fantasy series, including attacks like Warp Strike, so that it can give a fast and complex combat system to take on the cast of monsters from Final Fantasy lore. Players can also take advantage of elemental magic, as well as epic character summons for tougher opponents.

Players can choose either of the incentives now by pre-ordering the game. The Carbuncle Surprise giveaways are set to begin on August 1, whereas copies of Final Fantasy XV: A King’s Tale will be given out when the main title releases and will only be available through Gamestop for US gamers.

Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30, for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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