The Assembly is a new VR title that deals with the mortal dilemmas often associated with what we humans call “progress”. The game takes place in a secret research facility, where “a morally ambiguous organisation” is working on something that has the potential to greatly benefit mankind, but also cause a disaster on a global scale.

The player will be alternating between two scientists, each with a different perspective on the situation, and will be forced to make tough decision regarding the course of the research. There will be several “thrilling conclusions” to the story, depending on the choices made.

Well, that is what I gathered from the game’s launch trailer, marking its official release on PC.

The Assembly is available now through Steam or Oculus Home, and can be played with or without a VR headset. So if you find the premise interesting, but don’t own an Oclusu Rift or a Vive, you can still play it on your regular screen.

The game will also be available of PlayStation VR once it launches in October.

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