Microsoft has announced that their updated 4K gaming console, the Xbox One S, will be hitting store shelves next month on August 2.

As of the August launch there will be 4 different bundles available. Players can choose between a basic 500GB console ($299), a 1TB version ($349), a 2TB version ($399) and a 2TB Limited Edition Gears of War 4 version ($449). Each version of the console will come packaged with a controller and all applicable hardware, while the Gears of War bundle will be the only one to feature a game and a unique console design. The streamlined controller will also be available for purchase on its own for $59.99.

While the Xbox One S will come with 4K resolution outputs with a High Dynamic Range of color, it will only be usable with actual 4K content. This means that players will only get the console’s best visual clarity with 4K Blu-rays and Xbox One titles that are designed with a 4K resolution and HDR support.

Just barely two months after the initial reveal, Microsoft seems very excited to get their new console in the hands of gamers as quickly as possible. The Xbox One S will be available August 2.

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