Six months after the initial release, EA and DICE are finally implementing an offline mode for the galaxy-spanning online shooter, Star Wars Battlefront.

Hot on the heels of the also anticipated Death Star DLC, comes the offline mode that is now titled Skirmish mode. While this is not the fully-fledged story mode that fans were hoping would return from the original games, players will at the very least be able to navigate all of the maps available for the Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes without angry gamers yelling at them.

Players who don’t want to have to trudge through the online community will be able to experience the expansive maps of Hoth and Sullust on their own or even with a friend as they fight to gain dominance over the map. Consoles players will also be able to do a split-screen co-op version of Skirmish mode.

This update is intended as an addition to the free downloadable content that EA plans on releasing. Players will get to experience the offline Skirmish when the update releases on July 20, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Death Star content will follow the release later in September.

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