Square Enix took the internet by storm today as they unveiled the incredible final cover art for their upcoming title, Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV is a long awaited title that is finally being released on September 30, for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In addition to choosing which console you purchase it for, gamers will also have two choices for the box art. The first of the reversible cover is a simple title logo against a black background, while the other side is an expansive vista featuring the four main characters and some mysterious figures taking shape against a cloudy, blue sky.

After the announcement, artist Mat Kishimoto, was then able to follow up on the official Square Enix blog to showcase the road that lead to the final art that you see here. While the back and forth of artistic decision making has its own merits, the true fun came from a single line. Mat wrote, “One bit of information that hasn’t been revealed quite yet… the figures in the background.”

He elegantly walks around any actual information about the strange cloud people, but he did say that they are very important to not only Final Fantasy XV, but the Kingsglaive animated film as well. As ominous as they are, previous demos for the game have shown that gigantic people from the sky are either good or bad, without much middle ground in between.

Whoever or whatever these creatures are, fans will be able to find out on September 30, when Final Fantasy XV is released on the PS4 and Xbox One.

1468417910-ffxv-final-cover 1468417910-ffxv-reversible-cover-us

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