Headlander, the new title from Double Fine, is heading to PlayStation 4 and PC on July 26.

The retro-futuristic action-platformer is heavily inspired by 70’s science fiction, as you can see in the story trailer above. In the game, humanity have transferred their consciousness into robotic bodies free of death and illness. Ironically, humans are all under the tyranny of a deranged AI called Methuselah.

Players will take control of the last human human, or at least the last human head. They will float, thrust and take over robotic bodies to save the human race. And also dance.

You can check out the game in action in the gameplay trailer and screenshots below. It looks like hectic fun, with lots and shooting, some puzzle solving and 70’s dance moves.

headlander-1 headlander-2 headlander-3 headlander-4 headlander-5 headlander-6 headlander-7

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