Blizzard has introduced the first post-launch hero to join the ranks of Overwatch. Ana is a support class character that uses her sniper rifle to heal allies and kill bad guys. The company describes here as a “battle-scarred veteran who supports her teammates from a distance using a unique and highly specialized collection of weapons.”

Ana’s main weapon is the Biotic Rifle. This sniper rifle shoots darts that heal heroes on her team, but damage her enemies. Her Biotic Grenade does pretty much the same thing, but with the added bonus of increasing the effects of all healing done on friendlies caught in the blast, and also preventing hostiles from being healed for a few moments.

Her sidearm fires a Sleep Dart that can neutralize a target for a few seconds, though any damage they take will wake them up. In the gameplay video above, we see Ana using her Sleep Dart to quickly stop McCree from using his ultimate ability. It seems quite useful for quick-thinking players.

Ana’s own ultimate ability, Nano Boost, grants one teammate faster movement, increased damage, and resistance to enemy attacks.

PC Overwatch gamers who sign up for Public Test Region can play Ana right now. Everyone else can see her weapons and abilities in action in the short gameplay video above, and then delve into her back story with the hero’s official origin story trailer below.

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