We reported on Prey for the Gods back in 2015, when it was first announced, and now it looks like the game has finally made it onto Kickstarter. Check out the campaign video below.

This indie action-adventure title will see you slaying colossal, god-like beings in a dying world plagued by a never-ending winter. The lone hero will have to survive the harsh conditions of the frozen wasteland, hunt for food, and salvage items and weapons from the now-dead warriors sent before her.

To combat and take down these giant beasts, the player will have to discover and exploit their weaknesses, and eventually climb on top of them to deliver the killing blows. The fast and brutal combat will see you using swords, arrows, a grappling hook and your God-given reflexes to emerge victorious. But beware – weapons can break mid-combat, and you can run out of arrows, so make every shot count.

Apart from combat, there’s also an element of exploration. A dynamic weather system will make sure you’re constantly fighting for survival against the elements as you explore caves and mysterious temples that contain secrets and treasure. Stay out in a blizzard too long and your character will get weak, tired and hungry. As the campaign page states, “The weather is just as dangerous as the giants you are after.”

Prey for the Gods is described as a combination of Shadow of the Colossus, Deus Ex, DayZ, and BloodBorne. While that’s enough to make any gamer droll and throw money at the screen, I think it’s best to judge a game by its own rights, and Prey for the Gods look darn interesting.

The developer at No Matter Studios are asking for a relatively modest sum of $300,000, and with 25 days to go it’s already passed the 50% mark. You have until Aug 6 2016 to decide whether you want to help bring Prey for the Gods to life.

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