A new challenger is approaching in the realm of 2D fighters as Angry Mob Games reveals their newest title, Brawlout.

In Brawlout, players execute attacks and combos against other players in order to cause as much damage as possible, and  then knock the opposing character out of the ring. Throughout the match, the players can also upgrade the damage done by charging a special rage meter that allows the use of even more powerful special abilities that are unique to each character.

There are currently 8 different characters designed for Brawlout, five of which have been officially announced and appear in the trailer. Each character can be used in up to 8-player online matches for non-competitive, ranked and tournament gameplay, while also engaging in a single player campaign.

Even though the current roster of characters is fairly limited in comparison to games that have been around for generations, each character offers completely different gameplay mechanics. This diversity in turn giving each character specific advantages and disadvantages against opponents.

The new title has a lot in common with other popular 2D fighters, but the overall experience actually seems to borrow from a wealth of titles from the genre’s history. The stage format, for instance, is what most directly references Nintendo’s hit title, Super Smash Bros., alongside the character collection and animation. Certain attacks and abilities, however, more strongly reflect other fighting titles like Mortal Kombat, although nowhere near as brutal.

What’s cool about this title is the fact that Nintendo has had a pretty strong grip on the genre since the days of the 64, and this new title could very well find enough footing to become a cross platform beast. Hopefully there will be more characters and stages coming before the release, but as of now, this is all of what has been revealed about the title.

Angry Mob Games is currently aiming to release Brawlout in the first quarter of 2017 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In the meantime, EVO 2016 attendees can play the game at the convention’s Indie showcase on July 15-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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