Evolve, the asymmetric 4v1 shooter by Turtle Rock Studios, has been relaunched as a free-to-play title on PC. The devs are calling it Evolve Stage 2, and it will an improved version of the original.

Evolve was one of the most promising games of 2015. We were blown away every time we got our hands on the game at a convention, and when it finally came out, we actually really enjoyed it.¬†Sadly, Evolve failed to live to its full potential, for many different reasons. Some blamed unbalanced characters or levels, while others pointed a finger at the game’s DLC plan, which was perceived as greedy. The developers have called it a “DLC shitstorm”, and that is a pretty accurate description.

According to the official announced on the game’s forums, Stage 2 will see many improvements, including re-balanced hunter classes, revised maps and UI, better loading times and overall performance, and a new progress system. There are also going to be more customization options, and less bugs.

If you already bought Evolve in the past, don’t fret.¬†Anyone who owns “classic Evolve” will be given Founder status, and all the content you have bought will be transferred into the new free version.

There’s Evolve 2.0 doesn’t have an official release date yet, but a Beta will be starting today, July 7.

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