Nintendo’s Kazutoshi Obana has filed a brand new patent for an unannounced mobile gaming device that could very well be tied to the Nintendo NX console.

The design was originally found by Twitter user ZhugeEX, after combing through the vast library of recent tech patents. Unlike the previous fake controller, the new design comes with an official U.S. patent from an actual Nintendo employee and is complete with several mock ups of the potential final look.

Some of the designs depict the controller as only having a touch screen interface, however the most detailed design strongly resembles the bottom half of the Nintendo 3DS (FIG. 8).

Whether or not any of these end up being the final design for the controller, the patents suggest that it will feature dedicated left and right speakers, wireless connectivity, vibration functionality, Internal memory and RAM. These further hint at the fact that it will be playable on its own without the full console.

There is still a lot up in the air as to how exactly the NX console and its controller will look and play, but all-in-all the console is looking to offer a whole new way to play games.

nintendo-handheld-patent nintendo-handheld-patent

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