The gaming accessory developers at IOGEAR have built a name for themselves by delivering high quality products for gamers in need. Continuing their tradition of creating great accessories, the new Kaliber Gaming HVER keyboard has every feature that a gamer could need at a price that any gamer can afford.

The HVER keyboard was named after the floating appearance that the back light gives it. Floating eloquently above the aluminum frame, the overall design encourages precise button clicks without any indecision. Keeping it simple in terms of additional features, players get the standard key set built on top of an aluminum plating with a calming backlight for night use.


The keys themselves are curved, pronounced and by far the best aspect of the keyboard as a whole. The silent, soft feel they have when typing is a strong compliment to their name. The keys fall softly with an almost muted click that lets you know the key was registered. With the exception of angry gamers raiding in the early hours of morning, players shouldn’t even feel much of the steel framing as they guide their characters throughout a map or casting spells.

What’s interesting is the fact that in addition to the comfortable feel and ease of use, the HVER also features 26 anti-ghosting keys. Meaning that if you are an angry gamer raiding until the morning light, your keyboard will register each and every stroke, ensuring that every command is not only understood, but executed in the order you pressed them.

The board is powered through a USB 2.0 input. The 67″ cable should reach any laptop or PC, and the keyboard also comes equipped with an aluminum upper lip attached to the body of the keyboard that can be used for cable management. The USB connection is a very minimal width, which helps it fit alongside crowded ports on whatever type of computer you’re using. The keyboard uses a negligible amount of energy which, while used on an unplugged gaming laptop, barely took any notice by the internal battery. This nifty feature makes it one of the less power hungry gaming keyboards on the market.

The double injected key caps are another unique feature of the HVER keyboard. The idea behind them is that they are a way of extending the lifespan of the board with no loss in every key’s readability. Each key features two specific coats of plastic, the first being a clear coat that allows the LED colors to shine through, and a second black coat that forms the physical symbols.

There are three color choices for the LED backlight. Dark Blue, Light Blue and Neon Green. The total illumination the board provides is a soft glow that barely registers below your screen, essentially creating an environment that won’t distract you from whatever game you happen to be playing, but also calmly reminds you where all of those darn buttons are.

The steel framing is extremely durable and is very resistant to accidentally being dropped off the side of a standard PC gaming desk, thanks to steel bolts that hold it together. The bottom is a thick plastic shell, covering all of its circuitry, and features two fold-able stands that give a 10% incline, and rubber strips to keep it from sliding around. Much like the double injected key caps, the new Kaliber Gaming Keyboard body is built to last.

Stylistically, the Kaliber Gaming keyboard goes for a more basic setup, but one that is still respectable for the $34.99 price tag. IOGEAR’s new keyboard is probably one of the most fun gaming keyboards available for PC gaming. Whether you are raiding dungeons at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon, the Kaliber Gaming HVER keyboard will make sure you are an effective player and will continue to do so well into the foreseeable future. The simple construction may lack the bells and whistles of higher priced keyboards, but its price will make you quickly realize that you have everything you need.

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