After hitting a new stretch goal during the now over E3 2016, Friday The 13th: The Game developers, Gun Media, have updated the Kickstarter page as they inch closer to bringing more content to the game.

As of now, Friday The 13th: The Game has raised over $950,000 since this past E3, giving fans who have pre-ordered the game access to 3 new secret kills, as well as a retro kill from the eighth film in the series. “Knock your block off”, as the kill is titled,  lets the player controlling Jason to physically knock a counselors head off of their body, sending it flying into the night.

With the title now fully funded to provide the experience that the developers are working hard to create, the recent update means that the final product will launch with 25% of extra content the stretch goals would provide. The next goal is currently $65,000 away from being created and would mark the return of the series protagonist, Tommy Jarvis.

First appearing in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter, Tommy is often referred to as Jason’s greatest nemesis thanks to his psychic powers. However, it will also be interesting to see what kills are designed for the new character.

The remaining stretch goals are largely cosmetic, which in this case means bloody disgusting. If fans can help reach the $1,850,000 stretch goal, however, the game will feature a special offline single-player mode. This experience will feature a survival and player v. AI gameplay.

In the meantime, Gun Media will be launching the Digital Cabin Retreat and interactive dev diary on June 30. The cabin will act as a sort of in-game demo that lets you explore the finer details of the game’s overall design. This could become the “Summer Camp Cabin Retreat” – a special hub in between matches that lets players hang trophies and check out old horror movies.

Gun Media’s multiplayer title is set to release later this October, leaving fans a fair amount of time to pre-order the title and take advantage of as much of the potential stretch goals as possible. Friday The 13th: The Game will be available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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