Epic games has officially rolled out the 27.1 patch update and unleashed their newest character, Khaimera onto the battlefield.

Previously announced just before E3, Khaimera is an up-close-and-personal fighter with abilities that help close the gap between you and your enemies. His pounce ability causes him to leap onto a targeted enemy hero, stunning them for a few seconds and dealing a small amount of damage to the surrounding area. Khaimera’s health regenerates faster than other characters and he deals a huge amount of damage with an ultimate that roots enemies away from their teammates.

The developers at Epic Games are taking a lot of care to help introduce people to the world of Paragon and even posted a video overview on how to play the new melee fighter, seen above. For a closer look at the game itself, you can check out our E3 coverage of Paragon.

All players who enter the upcoming open beta can play Khaimera on August 16, and those who are already part of the game’s Early Access of PC and PlayStation 4 can do so right now.

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