When designing a headset for an exclusive market, hardware developers often swing for the fences in an effort to create an elite gaming experience. In the case of HyperX’s new CloudX gaming headset, the developers have hit a home run. The headset is officially licensed by Xbox, and although the it is compatible with anything that has a 3.5mm input, this means that Microsoft has tested the strengths of this headset and confirmed that its sound clarity adds to an elite gaming experience for their console. The CloudX was designed for the Elite gaming experience on the Xbox One console, and between its superb sound quality and comfortable design very little is actually holding this headset back.

One of the minor drawbacks to the CloudX is the 3.5mm input cable. The cable itself is perfectly well built, offering virtually no lag when playing online or simply enjoying the single player campaign. It also contains a streamlined audio remote, with a volume wheel and a microphone mute button. The basic controls combined with a 1.5m length and extra 1.5m PC extension create a perfectly comfortable audio experience. However, the input cable is not compatible with all Xbox One controllers. The bundled controllers that come with an Xbox One are not equipped with 3.5mm inputs and require the purchase of an adapter in order to be used. In addition, the console itself does not feature this input either, meaning that unless you already have an Elite Xbox One controller or a third party controller with the proper input, you won’t actually be able to use the CloudX with out shelling out on extra hardware. While compatibility is a minor setback, it is by and large the only one. Once players are enjoying the combined use of the CloudX alongside their Xbox one, they will immediately fall in love with the audio quality that Hyper X has built a name for.


The CloudX is an advancement in HyperX audio as it takes the overall shape and sound design of the Cloud II, and combines it with the vocal capabilities of the Revolver, creating a headset for the new generation. Retailing at a price of $100 from their official store, the CloudX offers two 53mm ear cups that are encased in a hard outer shell and coated in memory foam to provide a comfortable experience that compliments the pristine audio. The ear cups are then supported by a durable aluminum frame that is also wrapped in memory foam, making it feel as cloud-like as the name suggests.

The dynamic audio drivers create an immersive sound that is tailored toward atmospheric and musical noise while also boosting the subtleties of the human voice. Whether you are racing at incredible speeds in Forza 6 or blasting your way through Halo 5 PVP, the CloudX provides a smooth and precise experience. To tell you the truth, the CloudX shines the brightest when it comes to the human voice. Thanks to the 3.5mm input, users can plug it into a computer or mobile device and enjoy their favorite audio books. Although unrelated to gaming, the immersive sound quality and ability to carry the human voice do extend into other media which are solely reliant on sound. You have the large drivers and an audio range that extends from 15Hz to 25,000Hz to thanks for the headset’s sound quality.


Much like the HyperX Revolver, the CloudX utilizes a unidirectional, noise canceling microphone, an improvement from previous omnidirectional units. The removable mic does exactly what it is named for and keeps from annoying background noises from being a disturbance to your teammates when communicating.

It should come as no surprise that the HyperX Cloud X headset is an excellent piece of audio engineering, especially since a lot of the hardware has already been tried and tested. Even with some minor compatibility issues, the HyperX CloudX gaming headset is a product that benefits from generations before it, and is able to deliver incredible quality sound. Additionally, as a Microsoft gamer, I find it feels nice to have an experience tailored to a gaming environment that I am heavily invested in. In short, both HyperX and Xbox can agree that this is the headset to buy for an elite gaming experience on the Xbox One.

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