Amidst the chaos of the 50,000 attendees of E3 2016, the gaming hardware developers at SteelSeries found the time to tease their upcoming line of products to the GamersPack crew.

The acclaimed hardware giant has put an immense amount of research into it upcoming line of headsets. Although we weren’t able to find out too much about what’s in store for the gaming community, the team were more than happy to showcase the inspiration behind the mysterious headset line, codenamed “Alaska”.

The “mood board” the team used for inspiration was on display at the E3 booth. It illustrates a sort of “punk rock” theme connecting all of the products. The wall was littered with stylish sneakers, snowboarding gear and skateboards, each hosting unique design elements and materials that encouraged the company to create something that could be described as equally stylish and efficient.

The main philosophy behind the gear was that the designers wanted to create something that could withstand long periods of use and maintain a steady level of comfort, all while providing on of the best audio experience available on the market. Ideally, the headsets would be able to provide epic audio across a diverse range of media, including gaming, music and film.

Alaska offers a level of customization that is far different from what other headsets from the company has offered so far. SteelSeries made it clear that although the gaming community defines themselves as gamers, it shouldn’t come with the stigma of lacking style. They want you to be able to walk outside with their headsets and not feel embarrassed for looking so nerdy.

The developers aren’t quite ready to fully reveal the Alaska headsets just yet, but they were able to say that it will consist of 3 different packages that do not sacrifice any quality no matter how much money you pay. The pricing ranges from $80 for the low end, $100 for mid-range and $150 for the high-end.

What this ultimately breaks down to is the fact that when the products do launch, gamers of all wallet sizes will be able to have an identical auditory experience. The only choice they will have to make, however, is what form of input they would like out of their headse, be it wireless, USB or a simple analog input.

When SteelSeries’ Alaska headsets launch, gamers will find a product they won’t be able to ignore.

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