Detroit: Become Human was first announced late last year with a lovely in-engine reveal trailer. Now, we finally get to see the game in action, in a truly impressive gameplay video.

The video stars Connor, a second playable character. Just like Kara, Connor is an android, but unlike her he hasn’t gone “deviant”. Deviant is a nickname given to androids exhibiting strange behavior outside of their programming, and even emotions. Connor is in fact a deviant hunter – a police android designed especially to investigate cases involving deviants.

One such case is shown in the gameplay video. Connor goes up on the roof of a building to negotiate with a deviant holding a little girl hostage. As we see, the situation can go every each way, depending on the player’s choices. The android and the girl can both jump of the building, Connor can sacrifice himself to save her, or he can convince the deviant to let the girl go. There are quite a few outcomes, and even more ways to get to them – all decided my your actions, dialogue and wits.

Just like Quantic Dream’s previous titles, Detroit will let players play their own story but on a whole new levels. It seems like we’re going to have many more possibilities than in Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls. Some of your characters can die halfway through the story, and you won’t get to experience their narrative, or your decisions can take them on a completely different path.

Detroit: Become Human currently doesn’t have a release date, but it is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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