Spider-Man is making a comeback on console, or more specifically – on PlayStation 4.

During Sony’s E3 presentation, the short trailer you see above you was screened, marking the return of the well-crawler to the realm of video games. Unfortunately, the trailer was all the information Sony decided to share at the moment, but if we dig deep enough we can probably learn quite a bit from it.

For example, we can see Spider-Man traversing through both interior and exterior environments using both swinging and parkour. There are also quite a few combat scenes, and we see Spidey pulling gunmen out of cars with his web, or using it to throw objects at other heavily armed goons.

What we don’t see are any iconic Spider-Man villains, just ordinary thugs that are all wearing a Japanese-looking masks. I find it hard to believe the main antagonist is some gang boss, so we’ll probably see more villains revealed soon.

According to the trailer’s official description, the Spider-Man in this game isn’t a young Peter Parker still struggling with his new powers, but a season crime-fighter trying to balance his personal life and career with the fate of nine million New Yorkers.

Spider-Man doesn’t have a release date yet, but we do know it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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