Microsoft has given the Xbox One a slimming make over with their newest iteration of the console which they’re calling the Xbox One S.

The new S model sports a 40% smaller body size and no longer needs an external power supply. The small design supports accessories that allow the console to be supported both vertically and horizontally with the optional stand. One of the 3 USB ports has been moved to the front of the console alongside a new infrared scanner. The dedicated Kinect port has also been removed from the model in favor of using the USB connection available outside of the Kinect bundle.

In addition to the physical beauty, what’s on the inside of this console is what really matters.¬†Technological advancements have made it possible for Microsoft to not only reduce the size of the console, but also upgrade the graphics. Blu-ray films and high end video games will be able to be played in a 4K Ultra-high resolution with a high dynamic range.

The HDR update supports higher contrast between lights and darks on 4K televisions. The change comes in time to support the increased visual output of Gears of War, Scalebound and new UHD content from Netflix.

Packaged with the console this time around will also be a redesigned version of the Xbox One controller as well. Boasting an improved wireless connection, the new controller can work alongside the console to double the range and also features a bluetooth connection for Windows 10 devices.

The thumb sticks are more versatile as they can resist more wear and tear from constant use with smoother rotation. The new controller can also be purchased separately for $59.99.

No official release date has been announced for either the console or controller, however the 1TB and 2TB launch bundles have been revealed to be available later this August. The 1TB bundle will sell for $349, with the 2TB retailing at $399 with a final 500GB version available for $299.

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