Amping up the excitement of E3 2016, Motive Studios’ Jade Raymond appeared live at the EA press conference to give Star Wars fans a look into the franchise’s future game titles.

The official teaser offered a look into the development of several games from all of the different studios around the world. While not offering much, Raymond was able to tease all new content coming to Star Wars Battlefront which includes the Cloud City DLC as well as more content taken directly from the feature films.

Motive was able to at least debut some of the concept art and design behind their involvement with the Battlefront franchise, which for the most part is intended to hype the release of the downloadable content. In much the same way, John Salera, Executive Producer of the mobile title Galaxy of Heroes, was able to talk a little about the some of the new heroes and battles coming over the next year – once again without revealing too much.

Stig Asmussen took part in the video alongside his Los Angeles team at Respawn Entertainment to debut some of the motion capture work that is going into their mysterious new title. Still keeping quiet on any juicy details, fans of the God of War 3 director, Respawn and Star Wars can rest assured that development is well underway for the upcoming title.

James Ohlen, Bioware’s director of design for Star Wars The Old Republic gave a brief discussion as to the wealth of content that is still planned for the MMO.

Amy Hennig was able to give one of the bigger reveals as her team at Visceral Games in San Francisco were able to debut the first official concept art and early in-game footage for their un-announced title as well. Even though it is only a few seconds long, it appears to take place on Tatooine during the tyrannical rule of the Empire. Her biggest surprise was the announcement that the talented conceptual designer and Star Wars film veteran Doug Chiang to help tell an all-new story in a galaxy far, far away.

Not much was revealed during this part of the EA press conference, but the publisher does seem very helmet on delivering as much content for the Star Wars universe as fans can handle.

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