Devil May Cry 5, the illusive next game in the series, has been spotted on the resume of a video game voice actor.

Devil May Cry 5 ?

Nils Hognestad is a live action and voice actor who recently listed the title on his resume for the website Actors Access. The listing itself is about as exciting as you’d think a resume would be.

What is exciting, however, is the fact that his listing claims he is the lead voice actor of Devil May Cry 5. Hognestad would be voicing the series protagonist Dante, the younger Nero, or perhaps a whole new character.

A resume isn’t what I’d call on official source, but it’s somewhat reliable. An actor would want to simply update his resume as opposed to lying about something potential employers can easily find out.

Nothing concrete was leaked outside of the simple title and development company, but in the case of this epic franchise, we’re hoping these rumor is true.

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