Bungie is returning to old Russia for their newest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron. The expansion will release on September 30, but will be marked as the first Destiny expansion to be exclusive to the current generation of consoles. While players on previous generations will still be privy to game patches and updates, they will have to upgrade in order to become an Iron Lord.

Eric Hirschberg, CEO of publisher Activision, laid out the basics of what ROI has to offer, stating, “There’s a ton of content packed in Rise of Iron, including a new location, a new Raid and a new Strike, combined with more quests, weapons, gear, a competitive multiplayer mode and more that we think players are going to love.”

With the aim of defeating the evil Plague once and for all, players will travel to the decrepit wastes known as the Plaguelands along the southern edge of old Russia to join forces with a legendary hero. Accompanying this new area is a new social space called Felwinter Peak. Which overlooks the vast expanse of the new area.

In addition to the new 3-player strike and 6-player raid, the expansion will feature a “Light level increase”. Most likely meaning that we’ll only get a few more levels that will take a solid bit of grinding to achieve.¬†As an added bonus, the Gjalllarhorn will be making its return with a brand new paint job for players who pre-order the game starting June 9.

As of now, the expansion will only be available on its own as there is no word of a bundle option for all of the Destiny content. Destiny: Rise of Iron is set the be released on September 30, for the PS4 and Xbox One at a price of $29.99 and will hopefully be playable at E3 2016.

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