The newest reveal from Kojima Productions showcases a few more key details about the mysterious studio mascot. The new image shows a very much alive and well person piloting the EVA suit and he appears to be strongly motivated to finish whatever his mission has embarked on.

The key phrase on the bottom right hand corner of the screen states, “I’ll keep coming”. The feeling within that sentence should be familiar to the average gamer as we’ve all embarked on a seemingly impossible mission that forced us to simply keep going until that magical moment when you finally beat the mission. Whatever mission this will end up being is still unclear.

Prior to now, Ludens, the studio mascot, looked to have a very simple skeleton face that only raised more questions. The new reveal however, puts an end to some of those questions as it appears to simply be a mask that the character uses inside of the EVA suit. A decision that is more likely to be purely cosmetic than anything else.

While the few reveals we have are sparse and fairly hollow, the teams at Sony and Kojima productions could very well be building hype around the unnamed product building up to a big reveal at this years E3. For more information as it develops, stay tuned for our official coverage of E3 2016.


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