The developers at Ninja Theory have made a return to their YouTube channel to bring eager fans an exciting update on the development of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Continuing from episode 22, the crew has moved forward with combat simulation and the weaving together of motion capture recordings with hand animation. The video actually reveals a fair bit of the gameplay such as the fact that the finished version of hell blade will not feature any form of heads up display.

Instead, the creators opted to give more visual and auditory references for players to know the relative health of both Senua and her enemies. However, realistic facial features and exhausted gasps aren’t the only things used as the game features an intuitive wound mechanic. Characters within the game will gain severe looking scars and lose a lot of blood as the get closer to death. Additionally, the closer Senua is to death, the more bloody and desaturated the players camera will get.

The new diary offers an immense insight into a very small part of the game, going further into the design elements of the sound effects and even a small peak at the lore. One insight being that the scary looking shirtless guys that Senua faces may not entirely be in her head as they are based off of the waring factions of Vikings. The Vikings are portrayed as a very feral group of people, forcing players to utilize Senua’s agility to counter their brute strength.

Although the game is still a fair ways off with no anticipated release date, Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice is making a lot of progress and will hopefully be available later this year for the PC and PS4.

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