Hard Reset Redux is an updated re-release of an action packed, cyber-punk universe and the Publishers at Gambitious have pulled out all the stops for the new launch trailer.

The majority of the trailer comes in the form of an HD cinematic, but moves quickly into the action as the main character kicks more than his fair share of robotic butt. The redux comes with a few other additions that aren’t cosmetic, such as the the Cyber-Katana which can be used to slice mad robots in half.

PC gamers who own the original release of the game will get an 85% discount off of the re-release on Steam and the offer does not expire at any time. The discount has also been extended to gamers who bought Shadow warriors, the previous title by the developers at Flying Wild Hog.

Hard Reset Redux is available now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It will be available in Europe on June 8.

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