Microsoft appears to have big secrets in store for E3 2016 as new reports suggest the design team may be developing a VR ready Xbox One.

The latest news comes directly from the E3 2016 website as several indie-game developers have tagged themselves under the category of Xbox VR. This includes developers such as Rebellion, 3Drudder, Maximum Games and Readily Information Company. While the existence of a new console shouldn’t really come as a surprise to most gamers, it still seems highly unlikely that Microsoft would go out of its way to develop a dedicated Xbox VR system.

Instead it would sound more fiscally responsible for them to figure out a way of integrating previously developed (and consumer tested) VR headsets into the Xbox One software. Specifically implying that the partnership with Facebook to package the Oculus Rift with Xbox One controllers may indicate a deeper collaboration than we originally thought.

According to Polygon, the upgrade, currently codenamed “Scorpio”, will contain more than just a boost in graphics as the system may support a 6-teraflop increase. Making it roughly 4x more powerful than the current generation. After hints began to drop that Microsoft was working on two upgraded models of the Xbox One, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox tweeted a response to the “creative chatter” with a link to the press conference countdown clock.

Ultimately we are going to have to wait a few more weeks before there is any real confirmation of these rumors, but things certainly seem to be heading in a virtual direction. To stay up to date on all of the big E3 announcements, check out our own coverage here on the site, as well as our YouTube channel.

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