Ex-devs from recently closed Lionhead Studios have announced a Kickstarter campaign for their free-to-play Fable card game -Fable Fortune.

The collectible card game was in development prior to the studio’s shutdown, and the developers have set up a small indie studio called Flaming Fowl Studios to try and finish it. They hope to do it using crowdfunding, in a campaign set to begin on May 31.

The game will be of a similar make to Hearthstone – assemble decks of cards and use a range of strategies to reduce the opponent’s health to zero. The fledgling studio says that the game will stand out from the usual array of card games with leveled cards, 3D artwork, a co-op mode against powerful AIs and mid-match “sidequests” that provide new powers. As a Fable game, it will also feature little references and in-jokes to the previous titles in the franchise’s history.

Whilst Flaming Fowl have been given access to the Fable license by Microsoft, they have not received any financial support, which is why they are tuning to Kickstarter with a goal of $366,000. After the campaign, there will be a closed beta, then an open beta sometime in October.

Fable Fortune is scheduled for 2017 on the PC and Xbox One.

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