The 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series is upon us and developer Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Builders will be coming to the US and Europe this October. If you’ve ever wondered what Dragon Quest and Minecraft would look like if they fused, this is it.

Players venture through the lands of Alefgard, the original world of Dragon Quest as you attempt to rebuild the ruined realm. The task is anything but simple though, as you’ll face off against a variety of evil monsters and minions, but above them all is the menacing Dragonlord.

In keeping with Dragon Quest’s familiar ways, you’ll take part in an immersive story while building, well, anything. Characters you meet will have ever-increasing demands for you to construct and shape the land, but ultimately the choice lies with you. A simple yet deep control system will allow builders of a wide variety of skill sets and levels to create a world and the dreams of all those that inhabit it.

Dragon Quest Builders arrives in the US and Europe October 2016 for PlayStation 4 and digitally for PS Vita owners.

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