Offering a small glimpse into the overall story, Square Enix and their partners at Sony Pictures have revealed new screenshots and characters for their upcoming animated film, Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive. The film serves as a side story/prologue to the upcoming game and follows Nyx, voiced by Aaron Paul, who is a member of the high ranking knights known as the Kingsglaive.


Nyx Ulric, which is his full name, has a deeper history than imagined as he was saved during a previous war by the King Regis, played by Sean Bean. Feeling indebted to him, he joined the Kingsglaive and learned powerful magic from the royal family.

Lunafrena Nox Fleuret, played by Lena Headey, is an Oracle or magic wielding sorceress who can communicate directly with the Gods of the world. Her mission in life involves the purification of the entire world. In her childhood she was engaged to wed the Prince Noctis, however, those plans are on hold in order for her to travel to the capital to make a deal with King Lucis.

Drautos is one of the newest characters to be revealed, and is the head of the Kingsglaive, serving as a master to Nyx, as well as the other knights, Libertus Osmium, Luche Lazarus and Crowe Altius. Libertus, is the obligatory stubborn character who views himself a little too highly and is a close friend to Nyx, where as his counter part, Luche is the intelligent strategist within the group.


Lastly however, is Crowe, who in addition to being one of the newest female characters to join the story, is also a powerful magic wielder. As an orphaned youth, her relationship with her fellow guards is all the more powerful as she views hem as the only real family she has.

The renditions of each characters show that animation quality and techniques have come an incredibly long way since 2005’s Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In addition to this, creature effects and fight sequences have also gotten an upgrade as some of the screenshots feature epically scaled fights against classic beasts from the Final Fantasy universe.

Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive currently has no official release date, however it is confirmed to be available before the game’s release and will receive a full theatrical release in Japan. Players will also be able to get a copy by purchasing the deluxe edition of Final Fantasy XV.

Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-2 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-3 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-6 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-9 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-11 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-13 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-12 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-21 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-4 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-17 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-15 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-14 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-18 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-19 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-22 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-10Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-8 Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-5Kingsglaive-Final-Fantasy-XV-May-26-20

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